I am a plant and I need to talk to an artist

It is a known fact that art, since the dawn of humanity, results from the subject’s affectation, occupying itself, among its most diverse expressions, with a certain rumination on the world. This elementary trait transposed by a countless number of intentionalities, media, and even ends, is understandably framed by a thought endowed with a contextual dimension – geographical, historical, and technological. This is necessarily the case of the work «I am a plant and I need to talk to an artist», which, in addressing some issues of hyper-capitalist culture, comments on a set of ideas and dynamics established in the sphere of art. It points to an aesthetic arising from, and sometimes reactive to, the present socio-art-factual conjuncture, in which the concept of nature finds its romanticized reading once again renewed. We refer to environmental art – a segment of artistic practice that deals with social and political issues related to the environment. This work/video that in practice functions as a manifesto presents a critical and denouncing look at the paradox of a nature constructed and contained in the name of art, such as institutionalization. Being mere simulations, that is, products in themselves, that in their artificiality represent the «natural» and the defense of it, this set of works manifest themselves to eco-art as Lorem Ipsum is to graphic design: they are present bodies that, in the filling of space, denounce the emptying of meaning of the concept of nature. A work created specifically inside my computer, gives voice to all the plants that, for an indefinite time, lived and died inside an art gallery.