“1936. 40°22’55» N 3°40’13» O”

“1936. 40°22’55» N 3°40’13» O” – Installation 

Festival Robert Capa Estuvo Aquí – Museo Reina Sofía

«1936. 40 ° 22’55 »N 3 ° 40’13» O ”the project arises from the famous photograph by Robert Capa and from a common historical moment, the Spanish Civil War, an experience that appeals to the viewer’s senses, reconstructing a memory impregnated in the facade of Peironcely 10.

The work embodied here does not seek to shape an aesthetic around pain, thus transforming it into an artistic work, but to bring to the scene a memory that is still palpable in our current society. This ephemeral gesture in time and form, takes us through audiovisual elements and olfactory stimuli, to the temporary setting where the events captured by Capa took place.

A nocturnal, ephemeral installation, a few hours of memory that will later be transformed into a permanent virtual experience through a QR Code that will allow the viewer to access that moment that does not allow space to be forgotten.

Through audiovisual material provided by the Spanish Film Library, the project is materialized from a cycle of images projected on the facade of the building, with two projectors conforming spaces of representation, which generate a unique experience structured from small boxes or windows that open the memory of those who observe it, all accompanied by a series of speakers that generates all the surround sound in the form of a loop, at the same time the scene exalts the sense that most evokes the memory, the aroma that accompanies the entire installation .

Video – Sequence 1

Video – Sequence 2