PlantaCUT– BalãoPASTE.

Sculptural piece, varying dimensions. An interactive work comprised of balloons representing leaves, connected by an inflatable tube, allowing the observer to «craft» their own plant. It is a creation that both exists and doesn’t exist in the same moment, conceptually embodying the swiftness with which creative processes unfold in the age of contemporary art. Time and contemporary art seem to have been impacted by disruption. On one hand, the future dwindles, while on the other, it becomes destabilized. The present appears to be composed of a hollowing out of the future, maintaining a recurring version of a past that never truly existed.

However, it is not only from this temporal perspective that «cut and paste» can be applied. The pace at which the arts materialize nowadays mirrors a transient disruption. In the absence of time or space, knowledge, experience, and vision cannot be implanted. Kant refers to this perspective as «criticism.» Bearing this in mind, what does contemporary art criticism convey today about space and time? What temporal and spatial opportunities do environmental artists have to contemplate the works they produce amid the surge and upheaval caused by climate change, and the imperative to engage in political reflection within artistic institutions? What temporal and spatial leeway do artists have to offer you a «cut and paste» of nature itself within a museum, all while remaining unaware of the repercussions of this gesture?