Installation – Loop

Installation at Porto Femme Film Festival 2021

The project shown here focuses on artistic and philosophical research around the construction of the subject in contemporaneity and how, this new formalization of thoughts is reflected in the social and artistic field, permeated by new technologies and their philosophical extensions or not , of a new structuring of the artistic languages ​​of our time.

The construction of the subject in contemporaneity breaks and moves away from the construction of the subject in modernity, in its metaphorical form, formerly the subject was constructed vertically, ascending and descending, unidirectional, under a law, an institution – father, religion , condition – Globalization, wars, the first feminist movements attack the structure of patriarchy, causing the transformation of the world, constituting the destruction of the unified and verticalized subject.

The subject becomes a decentralized being, without time to crystallize and form, thus finding himself in constant movement. A consciousness that enables and opens an endless number of mirages, turning us into individuals with a thousand potentialities but without power, everything that it realizes is a reflection, a projection of something, a hologram in itself. This gesture does not deform us, it simply gives us a new way of feeling and being in the world.